Collection: Buy Online Men's Shawls in Pakistan

Buy Online Men's Shawls in Pakistan

As winter approaches, we all need some items like wool shawls, pashminas, and cashmere that will keep us warm and cozy. 

Do you want to enhance comfort and leave a lasting impression on others? Consider opting for the following designs, which are the hottest winter shawls for men in 2021-22.

Pakistani shawls for men are always available online, but make sure to use the highest quality material and design, as these are a traditional treat for the winter season.

What Are Men's Shawls? 

Shawls are a kind of traditional garment, and they appeared during the Middle Ages and were mostly worn by men in the past. The material of men's shawls was most commonly made from wool and cotton, and sometimes synthetic fibers were also used to create a modern piece.

Men's shawls and wraps are designed to help them appear dapper or at least prevent them from looking dorky. Some products might be even dorkier - e.g., the ones that make you look like a Jedi from Star Wars. 

A man shawl (also called an infinity scarf or pashmina) is a knitted or woven long scarf. Pashminas are a traditional Indian wrap, which has become westernized over the years. 

No matter what you call them, shawls for men have been popular for decades and have only seen a resurgence within the last decade. They have been popularised by celebrity culture and many high-profile rock stars. 

Benefits of Men's Shawls

There are several benefits that men's shawls bring. It could be a well-liked piece of clothing among men. Having a shawl has many benefits that men will find to be helpful. One of the greatest things about this is the fact that it can be worn from autumn through the winter season. It would not make you feel hot; instead, it could make you feel comfortable. Men who wear these shawls can avoid unwanted heat.

Men's shawls are getting popular among fashioners nowadays. It is no longer an option for keeping you warm but a necessity to support your style statement. 

As compared to other fashion accessories, men's shawls are the most suitable in the present fashion industry because men have no chance of not being noticed in shawls. There are many famous designers associated with this trend, which has dragged the attention of fashioners towards Men's shawls.

Men's shawls are becoming the most desired fashion accessory today. These shawls are not only suitable for outdoor but also for indoor use since they are very lightweight and versatile.

Buyers Guide for Men Shawls in Pakistan. 

Several shopping sites can be found on the internet world, but some of them remain unique and specialized that offer men's shawls in Pakistan. These shawls in Pakistan are of excellent quality, such as Chanda embroidered Men shawl, dupatta shawls, leopard print Men shawls, lightweight shawls, long Scarves shawls, and much more.

When we talk about shawls in Pakistan, we don't mean just shawls: we mean shawls for men. We all know Pakistani women and their affection and attraction towards this type of clothing, and so do the designers and marketers of men's garments that are there to provide men with the same elegance and grace that has been an integral part of the culture portrayed by the women of this nation.

Materials: It is an essential thing to consider. The three common materials are wool, acrylic, and cashmere. Wool shawls are made of pure wool. They are warm in winter, but they are heavy to wear during summertime. Cashmere is an expensive shawl made of cashmere wool. Wikipedia describes cashmere as "a fine soft under-down hair obtained from goats of the genus Capra." Cashmere shawls are not only warmer but also lighter than wool Shawls. The acrylic shawl is present in medium quality. It comes to market at an affordable price also.

Cleaning instructions: Shawls and scarves in Pakistan are cleaned with a cold and delicate hand wash cycle. Perform a mild soap wash for wool and cashmere. Remove excess water by gently pressing with a towel and then lay flat to dry out direct sunlight. Fast-drying on warm heat is strongly not recommended. Do not bleach. Do not soak your shawls and scarves for an extended period of time in order to avoid damaging your shawls and scarves in Pakistan).

Pakistan's Finest Winter Shawl Designs

Mostly, men prefer shawls in the Ajrak and Sindhi designs. Winter designs such as light embroidery, self and block prints, Kashmiri, and Balochi shawls are widely loved. They are moderately embroidered and leave a masculine impression as well.

There has been a misconception recently that shawls and chaadar belong to old-world people or people who are not modernized enough. Sometimes they carry them with western outfits under a scarf or muffler. But that is not the norm anymore. The trend is so famous that even grooms carry heavily embellished shawls during their wedding ceremonies.

Women are able to choose from a wide range of clothing in their wardrobe, yet they choose shawls or specifically men's shawls and try to style them in various ways. Shawls protect their necks and bodies from the freezing cold but without choking them like sweaters or high-necks.

Among the most popular colors of winter shawls or capes for men are pastels, black, grey, brown, navy blue, dark blackish green, blackish maroon, whites, and off-whites. When you don't want to ruin the look of your dress, Kurta Shalwar or Kurta pajama, carry a ravishing shawl with you.

Black/Grey Shawls:

Among Pakistani people, these are the most common colors for shawls. The right choice for you is a plain black knot tasseled one or a simple line covering the edge of the shawl on all four sides. It could be a series of lines, a narrow ray, or any sort of embroidery. All of them contribute to the overall look of a shalwar kameez when used with a self-print.

A substantial bunch or motif is also embroidered on the chadar with both hand and machine embroidery. They are both elegant and classy at the same time. You can wear them with any outfit.

Full cloth embroidery or patchwork is also very popular not only in Pakistan but also in foreign places, and they depict our country well.

Brown or White Shawls:

Colors like these are considered elegant, decent, and elite. For people who don't want anything too dramatic or want to keep it light and subtle, these shades are a smart choice. You can add lining to the edges or make the chadar entirely plain with tasseled edges. Add some embroidery to make it more beautiful.

Maroon Shawl Designs

Maroon winter shawls are next on the queue. This is a color that can be selected by anyone, regardless of their age or gender. The color maroon is a great complement to any outfit, without any doubt or hesitation. 

As we stated before, the design and embroidery are at your discretion. Maroon, however, is something that men can wear in any shade.

Styling a Shawl or Chaadar

Especially for men, draping a shawl or chaadar can be a divine challenge. There are many ways to make it look awkward; not only this, but you can also ruin the appeal of that beautiful shawl or dress you're wearing. Be careful about this.


  • Embroidered shawls look great paired with plain salwar kameez.
  • Simple shawls look gorgeous with textured dresses.
  • Black and skin/beige shawls go well with every shade of clothing, so they can be paired with almost anything.


  • If you are wearing pants or a suit, you should avoid chadar. 
  • Don't overdo your shalwar kameez look with a textured dress and chaddar.

Now, we have discussed all the important parameters for finding the perfect chadar/shawl for you. It is time to get dressed for the winter by choosing your favorite.