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Polo shirts have not only become a staple part of most men's wardrobes but, over time, have also established themselves as fashion classics. A man who doesn't own at least three stylish, comfortable, and versatile pieces would be hard-pressed to find. Elegant and sporty, this style icon can be your ultimate ally.

Polo shirts date back to the 19th century when they were worn by the British Army and named after the Indian polo game. Polo shirts were made of thick, long-sleeved cotton and looked almost identical to any other shirt, but with one crucial difference - the collars could be buttoned-down, so they wouldn't flap when galloping on horseback!

John E. Brooks, the grandson of Brooks Brothers' founder, was the first to notice the modification. As soon as he saw the potential of the buttoned-down collars, he applied them to Brooks Brothers dress shirts. The Brooks Brothers still claim that their button-down shirts were the first polo shirts and are the most imitated item in fashion history.

What are Polo T-shirts?

Polo T-shirt as we know it today is essential casual attire, which is an informal version of the classic long-sleeved shirt. There are different styles and designs available in polo t-shirts for men and women. It has become a wardrobe staple for everyone's daily must-have accessories, and all ages can wear them. There is variation in sizes, designs, and fabrics. Cotton, viscose, linen polo t-shirts with tasteful prints, patterns, and plain colors are also available.

Polo shirts are the most famous garments which are related to sport or fashion. These are short-sleeved shirts that were used initially in Parma. It is believed that these shirts were developed in England in 1851. The term polo shirt was created when the Duke of Parma's team wore this attire in 1874.

Polo shirts, also known as poles–named after the sport–were introduced to the market in 1901 by Giovanni Batista Picasso's Italian entrepreneur. He used his yacht as a base of operations and sold his shirts directly from there. It's been over 100 years since those first shirts were designed, and now they're one of the most popular clothing items around.

They are easy to wear when you want to look classy or to offer a casual look. When Ralph Lauren coined the term "Polo" three hundred years ago, the wealthy wore polo shirts almost only. Today they are worn by people from all social classes, and they are worn for sports or during outdoor activities like camping or traveling.

Benefits of Polo T-shirts

Polo T-shirts are trendy in the world today. Many people regard this clothing as it is practical, but it is also classy. These are excellent options for professional and corporate wear. But why should you buy them? Because it offers many benefits and makes you look nice and neat, but also because high-profile people like Tom Cruise wear it.

Polo shirts have many benefits that make them a mandatory item if you want to look professional. Check out these reasons to convince yourself.

  • The garments can be washed at home.
  • They keep you cool during hot weather
  • You can wear them with other clothing items.
  • There are a lot of designs and options.
  • They can be dressed up in a nice button-up shirt.

Buyer's Guide for Polo T-shirt in Pakistan

A polo T-shirt can be one of your most valuable wardrobe staples. Therefore, you need to understand what type of polo T-shirt works best for you. Most people think every polo T-shirt is made with 100% cotton that is moderately durable, breathable, and can withstand repeated washes.

But there are various types of polo's available today with unique designs, fabric compositions, and styles. Everyone knows about Polo t-shirts, and it is one of the top-selling brands in online shopping, and it is very famous among the young generation all over Pakistan. While filling the shopping cart for this product, visitors hardly pay attention to detail.

Here are some essential things to keep in mind when shopping for a polo T-shirt for men in Pakistan.

Materials: Polo T-shirts are a classic piece of clothing with a great variety in shapes and sizes. Lovers of polo shirts can buy them in many styles and designs. Polo T is a stylish and versatile shirt worn in a casual setting with jeans, trousers, or shorts, or you can wear it when going out or when attending official events. The shirt is designed with wide sleeves, a pointed collar, and a buttoned placket. Polo T's are made from various materials such as cotton, polyester, pure cotton, silk, viscose, wool, etc.

Cleaning instructions: Cleaning your polo T-shirt in a washing machine is a bad idea in most cases. Washing in a washing machine not only damages the garment but, in most cases, leaves a striped effect on the shirt after it's been dried.

Cleaning is an essential aspect in bringing in the softness in your shirt. It would help if you cleaned the fabric by yourself to make sure you didn't cause any damage to the shirt. While drying, dry it flat to make it crumple-free. This way, you can get rid of all the unnecessary wrinkles on the shirt.

Best Polo T-shirts in Pakistan

The most popular online Polo T-shirt store in Pakistan is Donny Feathers. We understand a Polo T-shirt is a kind of clothing which is made from synthetic fiber.

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They offer polo t-shirts and crew-neck t-shirts so that you can shop with confidence. A considerable color collection and pattern range make it easy for you to find the perfect t-shirt. Polo T-shirt is one of the everyday casual wear shirts in Pakistan. Polo Shirts are for Men, Women, Boys, and Girls. The variety of Polo Shirts is wide in terms of designs, colors, and sizes.

Many online shops are selling a wide range of Polo Shirts at an affordable price. You can get the latest trendy Polo Shirts for boys, girls, and babies from the best stores at reasonable prices. Suppose you are looking for branded Polo Shirts in Pakistan. In that case, you can also find Office Fashion online stores offering branded Polo Shirts in Pakistan with the latest designs and affordable tag prices.

Polo shirts with their unique styling and fashion statements have been a popular favorite among fashion enthusiasts of all age groups. The most prominent characteristic of a polo shirt is its long sleeves, and the length of the sleeves no doubt provides a sense of style and a comfortable feel to anyone who wears it. There is a wide range of polo t-shirts available in Pakistan for men and women.

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